What is Web Accessibility?


  • Source: WebAxe

    Links to several sites offering accessibility videos CAUTION: some out of date

  • Source: WebAxe

    A couple of videos showing accessibility needn't always be a serious subject.

  • Source: Nomensa

    Series of short videos on various accessibility features, and presentations by workers at accessibility and usability specialists Nomensa.

  • One-hour presentation by Jared Smith, the Associate Director of WebAIM (Web Accessibility in Mind, exploring the main categories of disabilities, assistive technologies used by people with disabilities to access the web, accessibility guidelines, accessibility laws, and the main techniques for creating accessible HTML content.


  • Source: University of Minnesota Duluth

    A complete encyclopedia of accessibility - links to many articles about pretty much anything to do with accessibility. CAUTION: Some articles are out of date.

  • Source: eAccess+

    An extensive wiki with information on eAccessibility. It describes and links to resources on Web Accessibility amongst other things.

  • Source: Nomensa

    Occasional thoughts on accessibility from accessibility and usability specialists Nomensa

  • Source: W3C Web Accessibility Initiative

    Links to many other articles and suggested subjects and structure for presentations, workshops and training courses on accessibility.

  • Source: Microsoft

    A couple of downloadable documents concerning accessibility, and some links to training tools to help IT professionals learn how to build accessible technology, and improve the accessibility of websites.


  • Source: JISC

    Downloadable simulators for a variety of conditions - note: requires flash and shockwave plugins to function.


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