Building accessible websites



  • Source: Coolfields Consulting

    Series of articles on variety of accessibility subjects - including coding forms for accessibility, using assistive technology, writing appropriate alternate text, and accessibility issues connected with WordPress.

  • Source: Maxability

    Some useful blog posts about accessibility from speaker, blogger, disability activist and accessibility consultant Rakesh Paladugula.

  • Source: Simply Accessible

    Blog with some useful accessibility articles, from organisation helping people "Learn how to navigate the world of accessibility with our training, team support, and testing, and something else—a completely human approach."

  • Source: WebAIM

    Contain links to many articles - including Intro to Accessibility, types of disability, design + Blog and tutorials too.

  • Source: BBC

    Guide to a variety of best practices for creating accessible sites for mobiles.

  • Source: Coolfields Consulting

    Slides from a presentation (Slideshare format). A series of yes/no questions that anyone can answer about their website. Originally delivered from a WordPress perspective but relecvant for all websites.


  • Talk by Paul Bohman on the new features in HTML 5 and how they impact accessibility. Topics covered include new form input types (date, email, number, etc.), new structural tags (nav, main, etc.), native media players, and more. This talk is technical in places. Paul Bohman is the chair of the Certification Committee for the International Association of Accessibility Professionals,


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