How is it going Web Fixers? April 2011

There have been many new volunteers to Fix the Web- welcome! Lot's coming in through the Do-IT volunteering site.

I hope the system makes sense, please be in touch if you need help.

We are out of balance though at present, in that we have insufficient reports coming in.

We hope reporters install the toolbar and merrily click away as they surf the net. Reporters- how is the toolbar? Does it work for you?

There may be a myth that there needs to be a serious pile of issues with a website before it is reported- I personally don’t think so, I think irritations are fine to report- this is about volume on some fronts.

Also, less reports may be saying something about the experience people are getting as reporters – not enough communications, poor communications, hoping for more fixes etc. Adrian Higginbotham is leading a mini review / thinking about reporters – so please send any comments on to him via me; we welcome all forms of feedback.

This is an experimental process where we are learning all the time and we know we have some improvements to make. Also I hope that when website owners don't make changes to their sites, the process of getting the report through to them does help to change culture in the longer term.

If any of you volunteers are twiddling your thumbs wanting more to do, a useful thing would be to read more about web accessibility- follow the links on the Fix the Web site, especially to the W3C. Microsoft have also produced some new materials; let me know what you think of them:

Finally, here is a video capturing some of the thinking behind Fix the Web:

The Nominet Trust organised the video and many thanks to Coolfields Consulting for helping us provide it in an accessible way.

best wishes