Fix the Web is an innovative project to address the issue of web accessibility for disabled people. Our aim is to make the reporting of web access issues very simple for disabled people, with a bank of volunteers taking issues forwards (and therefore learning useful things themselves!).

You can find out more on our interim website (http://www.fixtheweb.net).

This is an update on progress and has information on how you can help.
Apologies if you have had this twice- it means you are on two lists while we develop the project, this will be ironed out!

1. Full website – this is now coded and undergoing bug testing, it is a database driven process to support those reporting issues and those taking them forwards with web owners. We need help with bug testing – to check that both the processes work and that the messages we give at different stages make sense and are the right ones. If you are willing to look it over in the next couple of weeks, whether briefly or in detail, please be in touch.
2. PR and Marketing – we are planning to launch the site and project in early November. If you can help by sending messages on to your networks, newsletters, tweeting, etc please be in touch with my colleague Nicky Ferry (pumpkin.comms@virgin.net) who is supported this aspect. Nicky may well also chase you up on this too.
3. Stories and Statistics – to bring our press releases alive are needed, facts and experiences about disabled people’s good and bad experiences online, techies positive messages about wanting to make a difference, etc. Please let us know if you have something to share or are willing to have quotes ascribed to you. We understand there has been benchmarking on web accessibility, but may not have all the research to hand- let us know what you know!
4. Logos –if you have contributed time to Fix the Web’s development (or are about to as a thorough bug-tester) and would like to be listed as a partner, please send in a logo for the partners page.
5. Sponsorship – we are looking at a variety of means to fund the coordination of FTW (which should be light weight once its fully off the ground). One means is sponsorship. If you are interested, please be in touch.
6. Browser extension – we are looking for a techie to code us a browser extension a bit like this one (http://www.afb.org/aap.asp?Action=Download) but compatible with a bigger variety of browsers, let me know if you are interested.

Thanks for your support and any help you are able to offer.

Best wishes