Fix the Web Oct 2013

Hello Dear Webfixers!

We're busy working away in the backend of fix the web at the moment. We've got lots of ideas and are just about to begin work on a major upgrade to the site. We have gone through all your beta testing issue reports and will be implementing whatever suggestions we can during this upgrade. We're also shortly going to attempt to clean out our databse to remove the non-genuine reporters. Good news indeed!

In the mean time we've made a small change to the process to help cut down further on spam and other erroneous reports - as you probably have noticed we've been getting quite alot of spam into the site, which uses up your webfixing energy inefficiently. What we've been noticing is (along with the usual spam created by web robots promting their wares), is that there is quite alot of spam which appear to come from folk who simply don't fully understand our mission. We need to gently stop these folk from wasting our precious time... so we've added a few new closure categories, please take note:

If the report was simply an irrelevant or unsolicited message for the purposes of advertising, phishing, spreading malware, increasing traffic to pornographic websites or sites that sell drugs, etc., that missed our spam filter. If you select this as a closure reason the user who posted this report gets blocked from using the site.
Not an accessibility issue
If the user has reported an issue that is about a website that is anything other than an accessibility issue delivering a bad service, or delivering content that upsets the reporter. If you select this as a closure reason the user who reported it gets a warning by email. If they then send in a second report that is also not an accessibility issue then they are reated as a spammer - and they are blocked from using the site.
Usability or tech issue
In the case of usability problems or technical issues, where the reporter might need help using their equipment, please do what you can to advise them and also point them towards the help on our links page. In this case no automated email is sent... please do what you are able to to help point them in the right direction for help (if you feel it is appropriate point them in the direction of BCS I. T. Can Help or AbilityNet).
If it does not fit into any of the above definitions. Please try not to use this closure reason - we are hoping to remove it in the near future.

As always thanks for your help.

best wishes