Fix the Web November newsletter and A11ybugs!

Hi Everyone,
I hope you are getting something out of your involvement in Fix the Web. As ever, please be in touch with any feedback.

Its great to see so many reports in (so volunteers your work is needed)! Please could volunteers ensure they do at least three chases before logging a report as closed "owners were informed". And keeping good notes is really helpful too thanks.

A special thanks to Anthony in Canada who took it upon himself to promote the site across the world to disabled people- brilliant!

We should hear next week on a funding bid to the Social Action Fund- send up your good thoughts and cross all appendages that we are successful! I so want (need!) the resources to drive this project to its next phase.

A11y Bugs
As a participant in the Fix the Web project, you might be interested in a new advocacy effort to identify and fix bugs in browsers that undermine accessibility on the web. "The a11y bugs project" was started by 15 accessibility advocates, and their initial campaign is a petition to fix and standardize how browsers use and display alternate text. More than 400 people have already signed this petition and they are going to take the petition to the browser vendors soon. So if you want to learn more about this project and sign the petition to lend your voice to this effort, check out the project at:

Best wishes,