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Fix the Web Sept 2013

Hi Everyone,
I see we have more "spammy" reports than real ones (there are some real ones) in Fix the Web at the moment.
I'm sorry about this.

I think many "reporters" aren't genuine and we need to find a way to deal with this.

Due to on-going funding issues things take longer than they should with FTW updates, I'm sorry about this. I'm still looking for a long term solution.

best wishes

Fix the Web May update

Hello Dear Webfixers!

And welcome if you are new - I see an astonishing 1088 signed up reporters! That's brilliant. Please do send in your reports of all forms of web accessibility issues- they are what this campaign is all about!

Fix the Web April 2013

Hi Everyone,
I hope your Fix the Web experience is going well (if not do let me know!).

For volunteers do try at least three times to get hold of website owners and don't forget you can always try calling them.


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