Fix the Web March update

Hi Web Fixers!
Welcome to any new people, hope you are having a good experience.

I see their are no reports currently available : please do keep them coming, large or small.

We are working on increasing the number of reporters and the number of fixed websites (which is a good motivation to report of course).

Please do bare in mind though that every report leads to some awareness raising which helps in the longer term at least and so is of value. We have made reporting as simple as possible so it doesn't need to feel like a bother!.

If you want to discuss Fix the Web there is now a space on Accessify Forum:
- we are in the project specific forums.
that is also a good place to get help on web accessibility.

We are planning other developments to improve your Fix the Web experience so please do bear with us and keep your comments coming in - or place them on Accessify forum so others can chip in too:

All the best,