Fix the Web January Newsletter

Happy New Year Web Fixy people!

I love watching the site and seeing all the great work you are doing..
reports come in and out they go again...

Reporters keep them reports coming- we clearly have many active volunteers keeping on top of processing.

And I'm really aware that it can feel a bit lonely out there- people want to talk!

We are setting up a steering group to figure out the next stages of the development of the project, so keep plugging in your ideas, we will improve your experience, but give us a bit of time..

As a volunteer, I am finding processing takes time, getting past the fob off, chasing things up, but people generally listen in the end, or at least give the impression!

Welcome to Nomensa, Bloor and Southampton who have come in as official partners, having spent much energy on some core activities for Fix the Web. Stephen Fry has given us a nice quote and will tweet for us, which is fantastic.

We want to think of creative ways to reach out to the tech community- where are you folks hanging out, let us know!

What do you think of these calls to action that we may develop into "badges".

The brackets represent the fix the web love heart logo:
Access denied (Fix the Web) Harness geek power (or geek to the rescue)
We could use the word "techie" instead of geek.

whaddya think?

Will be in touch soon with terms of reference for the steering group- feel free to join if you have spare energy!

Best Wishes