Amaze Grant Winner: Fix the Web

Deque Systems is very pleased to announce that the first Amaze Grant has been awarded to Fix the Web. The UK-based initiative was originally launched in 2010 to find and fix digital accessibility issues through the power of crowdsourcing. Fix the Web will not only help to remove barriers to the web for users with disabilities but also provides users with disabilities a way to make their voices heard by website and application owners.

Fixing Web Accessibility Issues – changing culture

The Fix the Web team has attracted over 1,000 volunteers and people with disabilities, who find accessibility errors across the web and alert website owners. So far the project has seen over 2,500 websites reported with potential accessibility issues that can be addressed. Fix the Web is an initiative of Citizens Online, a national charity that campaigns for internet access for all and has the backing of Stephen Fry, who has commented:

“We all expect a few glitches when we go online, but when it comes to accessibility for disabled and older people, the problem is colossal. Fix the Web is doing something about it in a positive and practical way – I urge you to get involved and help get this problem fixed.  Fix the Web gets to the very heart of the problem – it’s pure genius!”

Reporting Inaccessible Websites

According to Dr. Gail Bradbrook of Citizens Online and founder of Fix the Web, “The reporting process for a disabled person take less than a minute and is easily done through a form on the site:, via twitter (#fixtheweb #fail, url and the problem) or by emailing There is also a toolbar available on the site for browsers, developed by Southampton University, which includes a reporting button.”

Deque Amaze Grant Award-Winner

We are very pleased to be awarding the Amaze Grant to Fix the Web, which represents an innovative new approach to accessibility remediation, empowers users to participate in accessibility, and brings accessibility issues to the attention of the website owners, developers, content creators, and designers.

The initiative was launched as a pilot project in late 2010, which resulted in a first wave of usage and a raft of feedback on how to improve the process. The Amaze Grant will enable Citizens Online to take the beta site to release version, which will then be launched at CSUN in 2015. Citizens Online are very interested in working with other partners and sponsors on this project, for example by promoting the release version to potential volunteers and disabled people who can report issues.

Stay tuned to for more news about Fix the Web, and to receive updates on their participation at CSUN this year.