Case Study – Fix the Web

Coventry Building Society/Trusteer Rapport Software

The Organisation

Coventry Building Society (CBS) runs security software on its on line banking site: supplied by Trusteer Rapport Software: A reporter contacted Fix the Web after encountering problems whilst trying to log in and carry out transactions on the CBS website.

The Issue

The reporter was using assistive technology; instead of a mouse, she was working with The Grid 2 in conjunction with Smartnav, which is operated by a laptop-mounted camera, following the movement of a silver dot worn on her forehead.

The various boxes to fill in and menus to navigate on the CBS Website, required absolute placement of the pointer, but this was proving impossible.  This was when The Reporter turned to Fix the Web.  The reporter had encountered the same problems when logging on to the NatWest Website, useful information for the Volunteer to have.

The Process

The Volunteer’s role involved communicating with a number of parties, initially between CBS and the Reporter, and in the process discovered that the problem lay with Rapport software on the CBS site. A detailed email conversation began between Rapport Technical Support, the Volunteer and the Reporter.  Rapport was keen to identify the problem, took responsibility, acted fast and offered compensation to the Reporter – in the form of a £30 Amazon gift voucher.  The Volunteer took a pivotal role – liaising initially between CBS, Rapport and The Reporter.  He not only passed information and requests on to the relevant parties, he also clarified points and identified possible options and solutions.  As a result, the reporter was left with a way to navigate their CBS account. However to do so would have meant having to uninstall Rapport, and pay the price of reduced security on the CBS Website. The Reporter was not prepared to do this. Through the Fix the Web process, her needs were heard and respected. She came away compensated – and with the hope of the issue to be fully resolved by Rapport.  And the Volunteer was left feeling he had made a significant difference.

The Fix

The Volunteer discovered that the problem the reporter encountered on the Coventry Building Society site was actually a software issue, specifically with a security system called Trusteer Rapport.  The software is used worldwide by a number of banking sites, with over 18,000,000 copies of the software downloaded to people’s computers to date.  The Volunteer took the initiative, and ensured that Trusteer and Coventry Building Society committed to adding new information to their FAQs to include details about other assistive technology – not just screen readers.  Furthermore, Trusteer is now investigating the incompatibility between their software and the Smartnav assistive technology to resolve the problem that the reporter initially raised and that the Volunteer brought to their attention.